When New York State Tool was first started, regrinding was all we did. It was a way for us to provide a service to businesses that knew nothing about us. Realizing soon after, that it was only a value to someone if it was done extremely well. Most companies back then, and even some now, thought of regrinds as a second rate product that was only to be used when new tooling wasn't available. Over the last 30 plus years, our reputation as a regrind "house" has grown to a point where companies now feel our regrinds are in some cases better than new.


The scope of this service covers most "standard" metal cutting tools (endmills, drills, reamers, taps, milling cutters, etc). These tools would be made from HSS, solid carbide, or carbide tipped. Our facility utilizes CNC grinders for all carbide tools, and most others. One of the processes that separates our firm from other companies, we don't just sharpen the cutters, we bring them back to "new" tool geometry.


New York State Tool remanufactures special or custom tools. Customers provide us with the tools and prints originally used, and our team reworks them back to the print specifications. This process can be a sharpening, or something more involved like rebrazing new carbide tips and grinding the entire tool.